Active Region Map for Today
Each AR map is a 17 kbyte image. Celestial north is at the top; east is at the left.

Today's Active Region Map

Yesterday's Map


No AR Maps for Today

Each map is drawn from tabular information in the Solar Region Report sent by the Space Environment Center. The table is printed on the map and looks like:

The translation into English is:
NMBRNOAA active region number.
LOCATIONLocation on the visible disk.
LOLongitude in the Carrington system.
AREAArea of spots in millionths of the visible hemisphere
McISpot configuration in the McIntosh system.
LLLength of spot group in degrees.
NNNumber of spots.
MAG TYPEMagnetic configuration of the spots in the Mt. Wilson system .
ALPHA = spots of only one magnetic polarity.
BETA = spots of both polarities, separated.
GAMMA = spots of both polarities, intermingled.
DELTA = spots of both polarities in a single penumbra.