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System Hardware

Telescope, Dome and Signal Chain Analysis Hardware

Following the Incident Light

Below we discuss the basic hardware systems implemented in Solar-C. The details are presented in the order in which they are encountered by the incident light and signal path.

Frame and Mount

Here we discuss the dome construction and equatorial mount including things like vibration isolation and temperature considerations.



Dome, Slit and Motors

Here we discuss the dome and slit and how they are controlled.





Primary Mirror

Here we discuss the details of the primary mirror including size, type.



Secondary Mirror and Hexapod

Here we discuss the details of the secondary mirror including size, type, purpose and fine positioning with hexapod.



Heat Management

As seen below copper tubing is fed underneath the primary mirror and also around the field stop. The system is based on a Neslab re-circulating chiller, model M-33, with a 1.3 gal/min pump. It is capable of absorbing the ~200 watts at prime focus.

Cooling underneath the primary


Cooling around the field stop


For more information click here.


Here the details concerning the polarimeter are discussed.

Fiber Head

Here we discuss the fiber configuration and details.

Optical Fiber Imaging Spectralpoarimeter (OFIS)

Optical Fiber Imaging Spectralpoarimeter (OFIS)










Here we discuss the signal analysis via the focusing lenses, spectrograph, polarimeter, dewar and NICMOS Array Camera.

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